WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app used by billions of people globally, and continues to add features that make its use easier for its users. Such features include end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls, the ability to send photos/videos that disappear after viewing once, etc. These updates typically first hit beta testers prior to becoming stable releases. WhatsApp recently unveiled a web version of their application so users can log on from any computer or laptop without using their phone; its multi-device support is currently limited to Android users only.

To use WhatsApp Web with your phone number on PC or laptop, it is first necessary to have installed the latest version of its mobile app on your smartphone. Next, head over to WhatsApp Web website and enter your phone number on the top right of the page; an 8-digit code will then be shown for you to enter in on your phone in order to connect your device to your account. Alternatively, Blue stacks software provides another way of signing into WhatsApp from PC; however this method requires re-verifying it each time your connect to web via mobile device.

Before, if you wanted to use WhatsApp on a computer or laptop, the only way to sign up for its beta program would be via your mobile phone. Now however, due to company changes, signing up is much simpler as beta test participation can now be completed from any computer and you can leave at any time!

The WhatsApp Web feature makes accessing messages easy from any computer, tablet, or laptop – perfect for people working from home or traveling frequently and needing to stay in contact with colleagues and friends. Our team has taken on board your feedback regarding faster device linking speeds and better synchronisation across devices.

WhatsApp has introduced several other features for its millions of global users in addition to multi-device support, including hiding online status in groups and the ability to silence unknown callers, according to WAbetaInfo. WABetaInfo anticipates this feature will soon reach beta testers on both Android and iOS platforms.

If you’re curious about becoming a WhatsApp beta tester, make sure to keep an eye out on the play store or official website for updates and sign-up. However, keep in mind that beta testing slots are limited; only around 1000 people per year are chosen as testers. If any questions arise feel free to post in the comments section below! Jim is a tech writer specializing in VPN services, antivirus protection, mesh Wi-Fi networks and related topics.

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