Snapchat to Let Users Add Links to Other Social Platforms With Linktree

Linktree Provides Snapchat Users the Option to Link Their Public Profiles on Other Online Platforms With their partnership with link-in-bio service Linktree announced back in April, Snapchat now enables people with public accounts on other online platforms such as LinkedIn to add links in their bio for other social platforms, namely Linktree. Any Snapchat user with a public account over 18 can create and showcase their work and social media profiles within the app – anyone with this status can then edit their public account and select “Website or Linktree.”

Users will be able to add any link they wish, from websites, YouTube channels, blogs, Instagram accounts or anything else – including websites, YouTube channels, blogs or social media profiles – into their Linktree to showcase it and promote their account or brand. They can add custom icons or thumbnails for each link they include as well as select their order for appearance. If they have more than one Linktree they can display them all with social media icons and the option for text such as ‘Add me on [insert platform]”. Snapchat not only allows people to add multiple links but it improves visibility by giving better exposure within its app itself.

TikTok’s goal has been to help its users gain more exposure on its service. They have introduced features like dedicated profile pages for creators and a ‘Buy Me a Gift’ button that lets fans purchase merchandise directly through the app to increase its popularity and raise its profile among followers.

Snapchat has also taken steps to give its cult following more visibility within its app, including expanding their audience base and offering revenue sharing based on views and followers for eligible creators. Furthermore, in February they unveiled public Stories feature which makes creating Snapchats easier with friends.

Snap is making content more accessible than ever with the launch of their augmented reality camera, the AR Camera. Users will be able to add 3D stickers directly onto the camera lens and take selfies that can be viewed either within apps on iOS or Android devices or viewed in real-world environments. It has already made its beta debut and will officially make an official debut next year – for more details please refer to Snapchat Blog.

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