Apple’s second beta of iOS 17 has made its debut, offering numerous refinements and upgrades to their system software. Developers can now test this build and take advantage of many features designed to make using an iPhone easier and more user-friendly.

Apple has improved how Siri operates on their new iPhone models XS and XS Max devices, offering a feature similar to Google Assistant that allows multiple commands at once without activating Siri repeatedly. This makes Siri much more capable and increases their capabilities as virtual assistants.

The iOS update introduces several key features for the Phone app, Messages app and Airdrop. For example, users can now customize their contact poster in Phone to clearly present your name and other important information to readers; there’s also an “NameDrop” feature in Airdrop which makes exchanging contacts easier between two iPhones; finally Messages now supports sending people’s locations quickly via quick link.

Another notable change is that AirPods Pro (2nd generation) now allows you to easily activate Siri with just “Siri.” This feature can save battery life or eliminate having to repeatedly press Home button when needing assistance from personal assistant.

Apple’s Notes application now also allows you to scan documents and receipts to extract information that can be used to create new notes or attach existing ones – this feature should prove particularly helpful for frequent Notes users! It is absolutely worth giving it a try.

The latest iOS update brings with it some user interface changes for the Software Update interface in Settings, providing more details and including an option to download beta releases directly through Finder.

Now you can enable a feature in the Wallet app that allows you to send money using Siri, by simply saying, “Send $ 100 to [name].” It is a useful addition for those who frequently use Apple Pay or require quick transfers of funds.

iOS beta 2 also introduces a “Check In” option within Messages that lets users share their location when arriving at an address, either precisely or generally. Developers are currently being given this update and it should become publicly available in mid-July.

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