Motorola Edge 40 Viva Magenta Colour Variant Launched in India

Smartphone maker Motorola recently unveiled the Pantone color of 2023 as one of its options for its Moto Edge 40 smartphone, now available for sale in India. This version boasts an impressive camera system including 108MP primary sensor, ultra-wide lens, and macro lens – ideal for taking stunning photographs and videos anywhere you go! It also comes equipped with features to make life simpler such as voice assistant support for Android apps & more!

The latest addition to the Edge 40 series, in an exquisite red shade of Magenta, stands out from its competition. This bright hue covers nearly every surface on this phone from faux leather backs and antenna lines all the way down to USB-C ports on its bottom side – drawing in everyone who sees it! The Magenta color pops so much that everyone who looks at it stops and stares.

Motorola Edge 40 Viva Magenta will go on sale June 28, 2018, through Flipkart. It costs Rs 29,499 for an 8GB + 256GB model with bank offers that could further bring down its cost.

Viva Magenta color option of the Edge 40 makes an outstanding statement of its own and stands out among its rivals in style. This pop of color really stands out among all others available and looks wonderful on its curved display, perfect for standing out from crowds of devices. The Edge 40 makes an outstanding device choice.

Motorola has previously introduced different color variants of its Edge 30 Fusion smartphone. Recently, they released Green and Blue versions, while now adding the Viva Magenta variant – similar to other options but featuring vegan leather back.

The Edge 30 Fusion is an exceptional smartphone for the price, and an ideal option for anyone seeking an affordable option that provides solid performance, long battery life and an uncluttered Android experience. However, Motorola has been plagued with poor camera quality on this model in the past. I would have appreciated seeing some improvements here.

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