IT Services Firm Wipro Commits $1 Billion Investment Into AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) advances globally, IT services company Wipro has made an ambitious pledge of investing $1 billion over three years into this field. Through this endeavor, Wipro plans to advance its AI capabilities while offering clients assistance as they adapt to AI technology. Furthermore, they plan to invest in Generative AI-focused startups through investing in seed accelerator programs; finally, all 250,000 employees at their company will be trained on basic concepts of AI usage as part of this initiative.

Indian multinational IT service provider Wipro announced the creation of an AI-first innovation ecosystem that will integrate AI into every platform, tool and solution it uses internally or offers to its clients. Wipro ai360 builds upon decade-long investments made into artificial intelligence research by building value creation, productivity improvements and commercial opportunities through AI application.

Wipro ai360 will bring together over 30,000 data analytics and AI experts with its technology and advisory ecosystem across four global business lines to create an end-to-end innovation ecosystem, including research, development platforms, consulting services and consulting services. Furthermore, it will develop a curriculum for upskilling its workforce in AI as well as hosting hackathons on talent crowdsourcing platform Topcoder in order to facilitate continuous upskilling.

According to a company statement, Wipro ai360 will leverage cutting-edge breakthroughs in generative AI that have the power to change lives and disrupt industries. It will focus on creating personalized, agile and highly secure AI-enabled products and platforms.

Wipro’s CEO and MD, Thierry Delaporte, believes that artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize all industries, necessitating new ways of working across them all. According to him, this technological advance will lead to fundamental shifts within businesses’ operating models while providing transformative services and capabilities with new potential applications for each.

Holmes is already an undisputed success for the company’s in-house AI platform, helping improve client happiness, financial performance and employee productivity. Furthermore, it has been recognized for its advanced natural language processing and robotic process automation capabilities as well as its ability to analyze, understand and communicate with customers. This platform can automate complex work using technologies like natural language processing, machine learning and semantics. Furthermore, it can predict customer preferences and offer personalized recommendations, while simultaneously detecting bottlenecks in processes through advanced analytics. Wipro can therefore offer solutions that address bottlenecks. Furthermore, its productivity-enhancing solutions reduce cycle times to help employees deliver more services in less time; leading to an increase in revenue and profit for Wipro – driving its decision to invest further in AI capabilities.

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