iPhone 15 Panel Orders For June Hint at Strong Demand For 2023

The iPhone remains one of the world’s most sought-after smartphones. Each new iteration of this device brings with it excitement, as well as hopes that some innovative features may be included on it.

Though Apple won’t launch the iPhone 15 series until later in 2017, a display supply chain analysis firm’s report suggests strong interest for this handset. Apple reportedly placed twice as many orders for iPhone 15 Pro’s displays compared to what they placed during a similar time last year for 14 Pro models.

Not only will Apple sell more basic iPhone 15 models this year than they did of iPhone 13 in 2022, according to reports, but the Pro model is expected to garner much interest as well.

Rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 series suggest an elegant and innovative design. Rumors state that it will feature thinner bezels than previous generations, giving more screen real estate for people to use the phone with one hand.

Rumors also indicate the inclusion of a periscope camera that will enable users to capture 3D images with ease, as well as an upgraded LiDAR sensor that will help detect objects in front of it and navigate indoor spaces more efficiently.

The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to feature taptic buttons instead of physical ones for controlling apps and Siri, along with a titanium frame and more RAM than its predecessors (6GB in comparison with 8GB on current iPhone 14).

Rumor has it that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a faster USB-C connection, which could facilitate faster data transfer and charging speeds. Unfortunately, however, according to speculation this means only MFi (Made For iPhone) certified accessories will support USB-C on this phone.

Apple hasn’t confirmed many details, but it is expected to unveil many at its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) event in June. At that time, the company typically unveils several of the new features coming to its phones.

Apple is expected to unveil both the iPhone 15 and Pro models this September, typically on Tuesday of the second week in September. However, for whatever reason Apple may decide to alter this strategy; whether this be good or bad remains unknown.

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