Google and Facebook Advised in Vietnam to Use AI to Detect Toxic Content

Vietnam has issued an ultimatum to tech giants Google and Facebook, encouraging them to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in order to detect toxic content on their platforms. According to this directive, they should establish guidelines and principles governing AI use with an aim of protecting users while being capable of stopping it from doing harm.

TikTok was recently taken to task by Vietnam’s communications ministry for failing to remove “toxic information” which violated Vietnamese laws, prompting it to threaten restrictions against its operations if management improvements weren’t made quickly enough.

Eric Schmidt of Alphabet Inc. recently met with officials of China’s Communist regime, promising them that his company will uphold all laws strictly, according to a statement on its Ministry website. Additionally, it stated that Alphabet might consider opening an office there in future.

Vietnam has taken steps to establish stringent regulations on foreign technology firms operating within its borders. It has enacted various regulations, as well as a cybersecurity law targeting social media platforms to combat fake news, and mandated them to establish local offices and store data in Vietnam.

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