Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi continues to deliver top-notch devices with great value and performance. The company’s popular lines of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other devices are known for their quality and affordability.

Speculations are rife over a new vehicle that has been spotted near a Xiaomi factory in China. The car is rumoured to be the first-ever electric vehicle from Xiaomi.

Spy Shots Reveal a Sedan-Style EV

Ahead of its expected debut in 2024, the first-ever electric vehicle made by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has been spotted. It’s rumored to be called the “Modena” and features a futuristic design.

Spy shots reveal a sedan-style EV that will compete with cars like the Tesla Model 3. It’s got a coupe-like roofline and a low-slung profile, but it doesn’t have the look of an SUV.

The car has a full glass roof, Wilwood brakes and a LiDAR sensor on top of the windscreen. The design is interesting, but it may be too early to tell how well it’ll perform.

Spy photos are a common occurrence for new models, and they can be helpful to fans who want to get an idea of what a vehicle will look like in production form. These pictures are usually taken by spy photographers who have been hired by larger agencies and companies to take these shots.

Reportedly Being Tested in Snowy Weather Conditions

According to a new report, Xiaomi’s first-ever electric vehicle ‘Modena’ is being tested in snowy weather conditions. This reportedly could be to test the battery’s performance in such weather conditions.

The car was spotted in Inner Mongolia, a region that experiences heavy snowfall. This is where a lot of automakers conduct cold weather tests on their vehicles.

In 2024, the company is expected to launch its first-ever electric vehicle. Its goal is to sell 10 million EVs per year.

The upcoming EV is rumored to come in two variants. One will be powered by BYD’s “Blade” battery pack with LFP technology, while the other will use an 800V Qilin battery from CATL with super-fast charging capabilities.

Lei Jun Participates in Winter Testing

A new report claims that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun participated in winter testing of the Modena, reportedly to test its battery performance under extreme weather conditions. It’s not a huge surprise, as the CEO has been closely involved with the development of the Modena and is likely to want to make sure it delivers the expected results.

Spy shots of the upcoming electric car reveal that it has an aerodynamic shape with a long bonnet and swooping roofline dropping gently towards the back. It also features retractable door handles and a LiDAR sensor on the roof.

The first-ever electric vehicle from Chinese tech giant Xiaomi will be available in three different models with varying specifications. The first two will be equipped with BYD’s LFP blade batteries while the top-end model will use CATL’s 800V Qilin batteries. It will also feature a digital instrument cluster, a large touchscreen infotainment system, and automatic climate control. The company is aiming to introduce the vehicle in 2024.

Expected to Debut in 2024

After years of speculation and a few leaks, it appears that the next-generation S650 Ford Mustang will debut in 2024. The pony car is expected to feature a more modern design, and the interior will likely be completely new.

The car is expected to feature a new flat-bottom steering wheel, digital instrument cluster, and larger infotainment screen. It will also likely be available with a variety of drivetrain options.

In addition to the spied sedan-style EV, Lucid Motors is also developing an SUV-style EV known as the Lucid Gravity. This model is expected to debut in 2024, and it will share many of the design cues with the Air sedan.

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