Telegram Update Adds In-App Translation and Message Reaction Support

The latest Telegram update adds in-app translation to help users communicate with people around the world. The app has more than half a billion users and makes it easy to chat in public groups and view content from channels. In-app translation allows users to translate messages without having to learn the language themselves. This feature is available in Settings > Language and can be disabled for languages you speak fluently. You can also select which languages you want to translate into.

Using the new in-app translation feature is easy. Users just need to enable it in the language settings. When a message is sent to you in a language you don’t understand, you can simply tap the translate button to translate it. The update is available for Android and iPhone users. To download it, go to Google Play and download the latest version of Telegram. This new feature will help you communicate with people around the world more effectively.

In-app translation is another new feature that has been added to Telegram. The new features include support for spoiler emojis and the ability to hide sensitive topics. By default, the emojis can only be displayed in private chats and can be hidden if you don’t want them to be revealed. Then, you can share the code with other apps. If you want to hide something, you can also send it via email.

A new feature allows users to choose whether or not to read messages that contain spoilers. This feature lets them select specific parts of a message and reveal them when they’re ready. This feature is useful for discussing recent films or TV shows. The hidden parts of messages can be viewed by customers. This feature is also useful for translating texts in individual chats. And if you want to translate the messages, you can add the in-app translation.

In-App translation is another feature that helps users translate messages. The app’s language-based translation has become easier to understand than ever before. As long as you have the latest iOS 15 update, you’ll be able to translate messages into any language you’re comfortable with. If you’re not familiar with a language, this feature can help you communicate with people from that country. There are also several other features in Telegram that make it easier to communicate with people from around the world.

For users in the U.S., the new update has many other features for international users. First, the app has improved its seven animated emojis in private chats. For example, it will now have a “reaction” field where you can choose a reaction to any text. For users in Europe, it will be possible to type a word or phrase in any language. The new feature will also help those who use the app in the United States.

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