Smart rings have recently seen an upsurge in popularity among wearable manufacturers, with many companies looking to match Oura Ring 3 with its suite of health features. Samsung appears ready to join this competition; reports indicate it has filed multiple monikers for its Galaxy smart ring product line.

Samsung recently trademarked three names related to smart rings: Galaxy Circle, Index and Insight – sparking speculation that they might launch one themselves. Also recently listed in their beta Health app features is ‘Ring Support” as an indicator that compatibility may exist for other smart ring brands as well.

Samsung’s patent applications hint that its Galaxy smart ring may feature numerous sensors, with ECG measurement capability and temperature monitoring. Furthermore, this ring may connect with other devices, such as smartphones and TVs, to control their functions remotely.

Not much is known about what the Galaxy ring would do with all this information, though according to its patent filing it could track heart rate and activity levels as well as provide alerts for certain activities like sleeping, exercising and driving. Furthermore, according to its filing, it could even take pictures due to having its own built-in camera and microphone.

The Galaxy smart ring will feature electrocardiogram (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors to monitor heart health, detect blood pressure, transmit this data directly to smartphone apps for analysis by medical professionals, identify blood types of users and even detect HIV or infectious diseases through its patent technology.

Patents reveal the Galaxy ring will feature a haptic feedback system to notify users of notifications such as texts and calls, while it could also scan QR codes and translate text.

As with any trademark application, Samsung’s application does not guarantee they will ever launch the ring; but it serves as a strong indicator that they may enter the market and compete with Apple’s anticipated smart ring with ECG sensor and glucose level monitoring abilities. Samsung’s Galaxy Ring could go even further; according to reports it could come equipped with OLED display technology as well as multisensors to make reading results simpler; pricing estimates range between $99-299; more details should surface soon as well – Samsung has yet to comment on these rumors!

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