Battery life is a big deal for any tablet that can be expected to last all day. And Samsung is known for extending battery life on its phones, which means we might expect similar longevity from the Galaxy Tab S9.

According to an online listing, the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 will get a bigger battery than previous models in this series. The Li-ion battery developed by Samsung SDI will carry the EB-BX716ABY model number, which matches with the SM-X71X designation.

Battery Capacity

Samsung is taking its tablet lineup more seriously with the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9. According to an online listing that appeared on Sammobile, the upcoming premium Android tablet should pack a larger battery than its predecessors.

The report cites a recent application found by GalaxyClub in the database of Chinese agency CQC, revealing that the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 will use a Li-ion battery developed by Samsung SDI with part number EB-BX716ABY. This model number is likely to be used for the base Tab S9 variant.

This rated capacity is significantly higher than the 8000mAh rated capacity of the batteries in the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S7, as well as the 10000mAh rated battery on the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. If the unannounced Galaxy Tab S9 is capable of maintaining this battery capacity, it should be able to last for a very long time.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is a great choice for any user who wants a high-quality tablet with plenty of storage space and long battery life. It has a large screen and fast processor, so it’s ideal for work or play.

A new leak shows that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will feature a battery that’s significantly larger than the ones found on its predecessors. According to a Sammobile report, the Galaxy Tab S9 will feature a lithium-ion battery that has part number EB-BX716ABY, which is the model number of the SM-X71x variant that should be used by the base Tab S9.

In addition to this battery upgrade, the unannounced tablet will also reportedly feature IP67 dust and water resistance, which would make it one of the most rugged tablets on the market. That would be a big step forward for Samsung’s premium tablet line, which has thus far been lacking in this important feature.

Battery Optimization

Battery life is one of the most important features to look for in any smartphone or tablet. With so many people relying on their phones to keep them connected, batteries need to be as efficient and long-lasting as possible to keep up.

Thankfully, most new smartphones come equipped with smart features that help optimize your charging and battery use. Specifically, they allow you to slow down your charging process, protect the health of your battery by avoiding frequent charge cycles that happen when you leave your device plugged in for long periods of time, and enable optimized battery charging for individual apps.

Optimized battery charging is one of the most useful features on Android devices, but it can also be tricky to find. Luckily, Samsung has a few tips to help you turn this feature on and get the most out of it. First, disable automatic screen brightness to reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

Battery Charger

If you’re planning to use your tablet for long periods of time, you’ll need a battery that can take care of that. That’s why Samsung has stepped up its game in this regard with last year’s Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S8 series, offering some very good features at some very competitive prices.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is no exception to this rule, a new report claims. It’s rumored to come with IP67 dust and water resistance, which will be the first time that feature has been applied to a high-end tablet from Samsung.

The latest leak, first brought forward by Galaxy Club and subsequently covered in a dedicated article by SamMobile, indicates that the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will sport a rated battery capacity of 8,160mAh. This is higher than both the rated and typical capacities of the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S8 batteries.

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