Pixel Buds Pro Update Adds Spatial Audio With Support For Head-Tracking

After a long wait, Google has finally brought spatial audio with head-tracking support to the Pixel Buds Pro. This new feature is now rolling out as an OTA update that is compatible with both the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 7 series phones.

Spatial audio works by adding a sense of depth to sounds, while head tracking repositions the sound according to your head position. To take advantage of the feature, you need to listen to a content source that supports 5.1+ surround sound.


Google has started to roll out the Pixel Buds Pro update, which will add spatial audio and support for head-tracking. This feature is a big deal for users who enjoy listening to music and watching movies through their buds, as it’s designed to make the content sound “richer” and have “added depth” when compared to standard stereo wired headphones or earbuds.

Spatial audio works by adding surround sound to compatible apps and services like YouTube, Google TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney Plus that support 5.1-channel surround sound. To get it to work, you’ll need a Google Pixel phone connected to the buds and a video streaming app that supports 5.1-channel surround sound.

To activate the feature, open the Pixel Buds app, navigate to More settings – Firmware update, and toggle on Spatial Audio and Head-Tracking. Once you do that, the buds will start receiving the latest firmware version 4.30.

Dolby Atmos Support

The Pixel Buds Pro are one of the best wireless earbuds on the market, and their latest update adds spatial audio with support for head-tracking. Spatial audio is a feature that aims to replicate a surround experience on headphones.

In addition to this, the newest update also adds a full 5-band equalizer. This is a welcome upgrade to the earbuds, which already had an impressive EQ that allowed you to fine-tune sounds in a number of ways.

However, you will need a pair of Pixel 6 or 7 devices and a Bluetooth accessory in order to use this feature. In addition, you must be using an app that supports spatial audio and has a selection of content that is available in 5.1+ surround sound. This will ensure that you get the most out of the spatial audio and head-tracking features.

The OTA Update

Google has rolled out an update to its Pixel Buds Pro that adds support for spatial audio with head-tracking. This feature was first introduced on the Apple AirPods Pro in early 2018, but it wasn’t available on the Pixel Buds until now.

Spatial audio essentially makes it seem as though your headphones are emitting sound from a specific location, simulating surround sound. It should be particularly useful with video streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube, but it also works on other types of content that support 5.1 or above audio.

Google is adding the feature through an OTA update, which should be rolling out to most Pixel phones in the coming days. In addition to the spatial audio support, it includes “general bug fixes and improvements.”

The Final Words

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro have always been a solid choice for Android users, but there were a lot of issues with their performance. This update brings new features that may help those problems.

With the latest Pixel Buds Pro update, Google is adding spatial audio with support for head-tracking. This adds a Dolby Atmos-like effect to the sound of music or video that lets you feel like you’re “in” the scene.

This works with any app that supports 5.1 surround sound. That includes Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, and other video streaming services.

To activate Spatial Audio with Head-Tracking, simply open the settings on your Pixel Buds Pro and toggle it on. Then, select a video that’s playing through your headphones to see how it works.

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