Overwatch 2’s One-Punch Man Collaboration Is Now Live

Blizzard has launched their first crossover collaboration for Overwatch 2. It is based on the anime series One Punch Man.

It will feature four legendary skins based on the heroes Saitama Doomfist, Genos Genji, Terrible Tornado Kiriko, and Soldier 76. These will be available for purchase using Overwatch Coins.


Blizzard’s muscle man, Doomfist, is now sporting a One-Punch Man-themed skin thanks to the anime series’ collaboration with Overwatch 2. Players can unlock him by completing a set of in-game challenges.

Doomfist is a high-mobility hero who can move fast out of spawn and quickly establish early map control with his Rocket Punch and Seismic Slam abilities. He can also defend his team with his unique Powerblock, which heavily mitigates frontal damage and increases the strength of his next Rocket Punch.

He also has the ultimate ability Meteor Strike, which allows him to fly into the sky and become both invisible and invincible as he strikes nearby enemies. He then flies back down to slam into the ground, knocking enemies into the air and dealing damage.

Doomfist’s One-Punch Man skin is now live in Overwatch 2, and the event runs from March 7 until April 6. In addition to his Legendary skin, players can earn a variety of other cosmetics such as emotes, victory poses, highlight intros, and name cards.


Blizzard is currently running a One-Punch Man Collaboration in Overwatch 2. This gives players the opportunity to get alternate skins and costumes for their characters.

This is a great way for gamers to be able to see their favorite characters come together in a fun and interesting way. It also helps players explore the games they love and make them even more immersive.

Genji is the latest character to be revealed as part of this Overwatch 2 One-Punch Man Collaboration. He is a cyborg ninja who has been cosplaying as Genos from the OPM franchise for a while now.

According to Blizzard, Genji was the natural fit for this One-Punch Man crossover. Both he and Genos have a similar background in the anime, where they were both augmented cyborgs.

The One-Punch Man Collaboration is now live in Overwatch 2, and players can unlock these cosmetics until April 6. There are a few different bundles to get them from, including the Doomfist x Saitama Bundle for 2500 Overwatch Coins, the Genji x Genos Bundle for 1900 Overwatch Coins, and the Kiriko x Terrible Tornado Bundle for 2100 Overwatch Coins.


Today, Overwatch 2 has introduced its first major collaboration with One-Punch Man. The event is live in-game until April 6, and it will include new skins and cosmetic items inspired by the popular manga and anime series.

The Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man collaboration brings four Legendary skins to the game: Saitama Doomfist, Genos Genji, Mumen Rider Soldier: 76, and Terrible Tornado Kiriko! Each skin will require a small amount of Overwatch Coins to purchase.

Doomfist’s Saitama skin costs 2500 Overwatch Coins, Genji’s Genos skin sells for 1900 coins, and Soldier 76’s Mumen Rider skin is priced at 1500 coins. The Terrible Tornado Kiriko skin, on the other hand, will require 2,100 coins to acquire.

Overwatch 2 has received a lot of criticism from fans when it came to its One-Punch Man collaboration. Many players felt that Blizzard messed up with their depiction of Genji as Genos, and others were torn over the Terrible Tornado Kiriko skin.

Soldier 76

Overwatch 2?s One-Punch Man Collaboration Is Now Live

Blizzard is bringing the popular manga and anime series to Overwatch 2, showcasing four limited-time skins in the form of Doomfist, Genos, Terrible Tornado Kiriko, and Mumen Rider Soldier: 76. Players will have the chance to unlock these skins through a limited-time event that ends April 7.

Soldier 76 is a high DPS hero who excels at applying pressure to enemies from long range. His Heavy Pulse Rifle is capable of generating consistent damage while his Biotic Field provides additional healing to heroes on his team.

He’s also a good candidate for teamfights, as he can help his squad advance and defend areas by gunning down any enemies who get in his way. He isn’t the best hero for close-quarters combat, though, and he should only be considered on teams with other heroes that can deal damage at close range.

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