Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

The Microsoft Surface Laptop has been launched in India by the name of Microsoft Surface. This laptop is a high-end device that is meant for people who need to work on their computers every day. The laptop has been developed with the latest technology in mind and with the help of the latest technology, it comes with all the latest features too. The major feature of the notebook is its durability as it can be used for long hours without facing any damage.

The laptop’s specifications have been kept very simple as it is meant for regular use. The motherboard of this machine is the latest generation and comes with six-core i7 dual-core processors along with the standard i7 video card and the terabytes of ram. It is backed with superb security features and a heat-resistant aluminum frame. The keyboard has also been enhanced with new types of touch keys that are easier to use. The hardware of the computer has been upgraded from the earlier models of the laptop. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 specifications reveal that the hardware has been upgraded with the new Intel Core i7 and AMD Athlon Processor.

The new processors come with the support of the Windows operating system that promises smooth and fast computing. With the latest hardware additions, the performance of the laptop has improved significantly. The graphics and the sound card have also been upgraded and hence, the user can enjoy an excellent visual experience and crystal clear sound with the help of the graphics and sound cards. There is no comparison between the old models of the laptop and the new models as the new models of the Microsoft Surface Laptop have a larger and thicker touch screen, a wider color display, and a better battery.

The processing power has increased by two hundred percent and hence, the performance is enhanced by two or three times. Moreover, the memory of the computer is also increased by another four gigabytes of RAM which provides more than adequate resources to run the machine without crashing. The upgraded processors and the Ram have improved the speed and improved the efficiency. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has an eight-inch widescreen with a resolution of 10 inches which has been enhanced by using the touch-sensitive resistive display.

The keyboard has a larger area and can be customized according to the needs of the user. One can also get the facility of touch sensitivity, which helps in selecting various functions of the machine such as the trackball, the calculator, and many more. The keyboard can be attached to the base of the machine through the USB port and there is also a Kensington lock to secure the keyboard. The battery of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has extended support of two hours of runtime and can be charged through the USB port of the laptop.

The battery life of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 can be extended by a further two hours of runtime on the battery of the device. This allows the user to remain interactive throughout the day without the need of plugging in the laptop. The battery of the device can also be replaced easily because of the universal design which has no design barriers and hence one can replace batteries of different brands easily. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has all the basic facilities which are found in a regular laptop and hence users do not have to worry about the basic requirements for the machine.

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