Microsoft President Reiterates Call for Faster AI Regulation

In a blog post published today by Microsoft President Brad Smith, he joined an ever-expanding chorus of tech industry leaders calling for more stringent regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). Smith specifically identified generative AI systems – those capable of creating text, images or media in response to user prompts – as an area which needs oversight in order to guarantee safety and fairness.

He specifically encouraged government leaders in the US, EU, G7 countries and India to collaborate on creating an AI regulatory framework aligned with European Union regulations. Furthermore, he advocated for government-led AI safety frameworks which include brakes on critical infrastructure and ensure academic access is not limited.

Smith noted that many public concerns over AI–including how it might impede job growth and law enforcement use of facial recognition software–will take time to come into focus, while other issues are more immediate. He cited recent employee protests at Google over their use of AI as well as calls by ACLU for tech companies to limit working with immigration agencies when it comes to how they deploy facial recognition.

Smith also addressed how rapidly expanding tech companies impact the communities where they’re based. Citing Seattle and San Francisco as examples, where tech wealth often overshadows local needs such as education, transportation and affordable housing. He suggested tech firms have meaningful conversations about their rapid expansion’s potential impacts and ways to mitigate any negative ones.

Smith proposed the establishment of a “digital Geneva Convention” to require governments to defend and protect civilians against state-sponsored cyberattacks, similar to what was signed during World War II by countries committed to safeguarding civilians – something the US should adopt now.

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