WhatsApp has unveiled a new way for users to transfer chats between devices, making switching easier than ever before. By scanning a QR code users can transfer chats and media files easily from one phone to the next – without using third-party apps or cloud services – which Meta claims provides more secure and private service while speeding up transfer processes. It will soon begin rolling out to both Android and iOS devices.

Meta’s QR code system makes it possible to transfer chats between phones without first backing up, eliminating the time-consuming backup process that often takes a lot of data to complete. Furthermore, it promises more reliable data transfer compared to manually moving chats between phones; currently available only in WhatsApp version 2.12.493 on both Android and iOS.

There may be certain messages you want to save for later, like an important appointment, restaurant recommendation or directions. Now it’s possible to mark these as “starred”, making them easy to access in both iOS and Android’s Messages tabs.

Now it is possible to share your live location with anyone, enabling them to track it at any given moment. This feature is particularly helpful if you need to meet someone or update your parents as to where you are. Simply tap the paperclip icon in a one-to-one chat and select 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours as appropriate – no timer necessary!

In order to use the feature, both devices that will send and receive information must be connected to your Wi-Fi network. WhatsApp will create a QR code which you can scan with another device in order to transfer location details – preventing accidental sharing with unintended parties.

Android now allows users to customise the alert tone for individual chats so that it’s easy to identify which ones come from a specific person, helping you not miss any important notifications such as video and voice calls. To change it simply visit Chats > Specific Chat > Menu > More > Add Shortcut and select your custom tone from here.

WhatsApp has recently begun testing a feature which allows up to 32 fellow users on video calls, an upgrade from the current limit of 20 users. This could prove especially helpful for those regularly engaging in large group conversations – cutting down conference calls by up to half! Interested individuals can join WhatsApp Beta here (it’s free, just agree to certain terms and conditions first!).

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