LinkedIn Gets Hindi Language Support

LinkedIn has now added support for Hindi to its mobile application. As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to make its platform more inclusive, the website will soon be available in Hindi. The social networking site is already available in 25 languages worldwide, including English and Spanish. With the addition of Hindi language support, LinkedIn will provide a more culturally diverse experience for its users. The company has also launched Project Every Member, which aims to remove systemic biases from its products and services.

The new feature will be available for mobile and desktop users who have selected Hindi as their preferred language. To access the Hindi version of LinkedIn, users will first have to go to their Site Preferences and select Hindi. Once this is done, the website will automatically translate the content to Hindi and display the LinkedIn experience in Hindi. If you’re using a desktop, you can choose Hindi by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage. To change the language on your device, go to Settings and Privacy.

The new Hindi language support will be available to LinkedIn users on both iOS and Android. To change the language on your mobile device, click the ‘Me’ icon at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Site Preferences’ and choose Hindi as your preferred language. Once this is done, you’ll be able to view all the content on LinkedIn in Hindi.

With the addition of Hindi language support, LinkedIn users will be able to access the LinkedIn app in Hindi. The Hindi-language version will include news feeds, jobs, and LinkedIn content. The new feature will also allow users to view the content in their preferred language. The app will also allow users to send messages to other members in Hindi. As a result, more people will use LinkedIn to network and get a job.

In India, the company has seen a spike in conversations since the pandemic. Now, the social networking site will also make its platform more accessible to people who speak the language. The new feature will allow users to read content and search for jobs in Hindi. Moreover, it will also help people who work in India. It will also provide opportunities to those who speak Hindi. And if you want to use the platform in your native language, you can choose Hindi as the primary language.

The new feature will allow members to use the website in their native language. The Hindi-speaking members will be able to access the website’s feed and jobs, as well as create and comment on posts in the language. Additionally, LinkedIn will also make its user-generated content in Hindi. If you don’t have a Hindi keyboard, you can download it and use it in the app. If you don’t have a localized keyboard, you can add the keyboard to your computer.

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