Lamborghini Plans to Deploy Hybrid Technology Models in India by 2024-End

Lamborghini has announced plans to deploy hybrid technology across its model range by 2024-end. Its decision to introduce this new technology is aimed at improving fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability, while maintaining the power and performance of its vehicles.

Its first hybrid car, the Sian FKP 37, uses supercapacitors to deliver a V12 engine with an electric motor for a total of 602kW. The car’s compact design and lightweight chassis are also intended to reduce emissions.

Super Sports Cars

Lamborghini is aiming to deploy hybrid technology models in India by 2024-End as the Italian super sports car maker aims to halve its emissions from its cars in the years to come. The move comes as part of the firm’s global strategy to reduce its environmental footprint while maintaining the high power and performance of its vehicles.

According to news agency PTI, India has been a key market for Lamborghini in recent years. It recorded an impressive 33 percent increase in sales last year to 92 units, the company’s head Sharad Agarwal told PTI.

Mr Agarwal said that India has a lot of scope for growth. A rise in first generation entrepreneurs, large-scale road infrastructure development and rising awareness of luxury cars are all fuelling the company’s growth in India.

With a strong presence in top Indian cities, Lamborghini is now eyeing customers in smaller centres to generate additional volumes. Agarwal cited Amritsar, Shillong, Lucknow and Udupi as examples of places where he expects to see more demand in the future.


In line with its goal to go carbon neutral, Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini plans to deploy hybrid technology models in India by 2024-End. The company, which currently sells three models in the country — premium SUV Urus and two super sports cars Huracan Tecnica and Aventador — aims to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2020 and halve it in 2025.

In addition, the company will introduce a new electric car as its fourth model line, in the second half of the decade. This is expected to be a grand tourer, and the car will likely debut in 2024.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a plan to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel passenger cars in Britain by 2035, five years earlier than previously committed by the country. The new proposal also adds hybrid vehicles to the banned list.

Hybrid Technology

The Italian firm will be introducing the hybrid technology in its Urus SUV, which is set to be the first model in India to feature this tech. The move is part of Lamborghini’s global strategy to reduce its emissions while delivering an exceptional driving experience.

In addition to its Urus SUV, the Italian super sports car maker will be launching two new V12 models in 2021 and an all-electric series-production vehicle in 2023. By the end of 2024, the brand will have migrated to hybrids across all its model lines.

Lamborghini has been leading the pack when it comes to technology for decades, and it is no secret that the company is making moves to become more sustainable. The company has also been introducing new features to its vehicles, such as the all-wheel drive system in the Urus. However, the best new technology Lamborghini has to offer may be its hybrid tech. Its a smart move, and one that could help the Italian brand retain its place as the purveyor of super sports cars.


In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and become a leader in the automotive industry, Lamborghini plans to deploy hybrid technology models in India by 2024-End. This will help the Italian automaker meet growing demand for energy-efficient vehicles, as well as address the need for more environmentally-friendly driving options in the country.

The company also said it will halve its emissions in the coming years, as part of its plan to implement sustainable development goals. The company currently sells three models — the premium SUV Urus and two super sports cars, the Huracan Tecnica and Aventador – in India.

To ensure that it stays on the right track, Lamborghini plans to introduce hybrid technology across its entire model line-up by 2024. This will allow the Italian automaker to match the performance of its gas-powered cars, while reducing its carbon footprint and meeting the needs of the Indian market.

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