Apple’s policy of gradually rolling Pro features into standard iPhone models makes an intuitive development strategy, but can leave entry-level iPhones feeling neglected. The forthcoming iPhone 15 series is no exception: according to leaks, it may feature a powerful new processor for multitasking apps as well as enhanced low light capability in its camera upgrade – though be prepared for an increase in price if you want one of these phones!

CNBC quoted Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives’ warning that iPhone 15 average selling prices (ASPs) will see significant increases, according to multiple other analysts and insiders including Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities. Ives was not alone in making this prediction: other analysts such as Jeff Pu have made similar assertions as well.

Pu’s most recent note suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro will be more expensive at launch than its predecessor – currently selling at $1,099 asking price – due to rumor about including periscope lens to enhance optical zoom capabilities. Pro Max variant may experience the largest increase in price.

A periscope lens uses mirrors to direct light entering a camera’s telephoto lens toward its image sensor, allowing for longer telephoto setup and 5-6x optical zoom compared to 3x zoom found on iPhone 14 Pro models.

Another factor contributing to an iPhone 15 Pro price increase could be its more powerful processor, the A17. Reportedly built on 3nm technology for optimal efficiency, it could provide up to 15% faster speeds with 30% lower energy use compared to Apple’s current 5nm chip; making this device overall more energy-efficient than the iPhone 14.

Depending on whether the rumors about the camera are confirmed, now may be an exciting time to purchase an iPhone. Apple usually unveils their latest lineup around September.

MacRumors recently provided us with video of dummy units for the iPhone 15 series that include rounded edges, USB-C ports, and taptic buttons whose vibrations will mimic being touched even when not physically moving.

Rumor has it that you could get your hands on an iPhone 15 Pro Max starting in September for around $1,099/PS1,449. Keep in mind, however, that its price could rise as more desirable features make their way down into its base model – although if waiting is an option more affordable alternatives exist.

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