iPhone 15 Pro Max Leaked Case Tips Design Changes to Mute Button

Rumors regarding Apple’s redesign of the iPhone 15 Pro Max have been swirling, and one popular rumor suggests that 16-year-old mute switch will take on new purpose as an action button. According to case leak by Majin Bu via IT House, its current location will be replaced with “Custom Button,” similar to Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button which reportedly allows you to perform shortcuts by pressing it once.

Leaked cases for the iPhone 15 Pro have revealed some major design differences. One shared by Twitter user Majin BuOfficial indicates a larger-than-usual opening at the bottom edge to accommodate for its USB-C port that may replace Lightning in future iPhone 15 Pro models, while a MacRumors report points out an apparent iPhone 15 Pro case featuring power and volume buttons positioned slightly lower than their predecessors in previous iPhone 14 Pro series models.

According to earlier reports, it was suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro’s current mute switch would be replaced by a solid-state button. While its current form can be flicked to control notification volume, its successor should feature a larger, wider button which you press, with multiple functions depending on which app or setting is being used.

It appears that Apple’s new mute button will use a haptic engine to simulate clicking when pressed, but its functionality remains unclear. Many are hoping it can serve multiple functions similar to how Action Button on Apple Watch Ultra does; but its possible that will not be the case with this year’s iPhone model.

Though these rumors may seem intriguing, it’s important to keep in mind that these are simply leaked cases and we won’t have all of the details until Apple officially unveils the iPhone 15 Pro later this year. Other reports indicate the phone may feature an A12X processor, 48MP camera equipped with Sony’s IMX903 sensor, and up to 2,500nits brightness for its display screen.

Apple may soon discontinue its headphone jack on the iPhone 15 series, something it has been testing out over time and could finally achieve this year. According to respected supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent report, this change may take place with MagSafe charging and USB-C connectivity replacing traditional connectors – though many consumers may take some getting used to, especially where traditional connectors remain popular, such as gyms or workplaces where devices with this configuration remain commonplace.

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