Grammarly Unveils AI Writing Assistant Called GrammarlyGO

The online writing assistance platform Grammarly is introducing an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool called GrammarlyGO. It will use generative artificial intelligence to help users write better and save time.

The new AI-powered writer will offer personalised voice options and AI technology to support user brainstorming sessions. It will also provide contextually aware recommendations.

GrammarlyGO helps you write better emails.

Writing emails can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring that you’ve made no typos or grammar mistakes, that you’re using the right tone and that your message will be received with confidence.

That’s why we’re announcing the launch of our AI Writing Assistant called GrammarlyGO. It takes into account context, preferences and goals to instantly generate high-quality drafts, outlines, replies, and revisions when you need them.

It also helps you avoid spelling errors, which are the number one cause of error in business communications. For example, email messages analyzed by Grammarly average 13.5 mistakes per 100 words and blog posts average 7.9 mistakes per 100 words.

The company says that it will be launching GrammarlyGO in April and it is expected to work with applications including Gmail, Google Documents, LinkedIn, Microsoft Word and Medium. It will be available on Grammarly for Windows and Mac, the Grammarly Editor, and the Chrome browser extension and it will be accessible to users of its Premium, Business and Education plans.

It helps you write better blog posts.

Grammarly Unveils AI Writing Assistant Called GrammarlyGO

The cloud-based writing assistant helps you write better blog posts by checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It also suggests replacements for errors spotted in your text, and it detects plagiarism to help you avoid copyright infringement.

GrammarlyGO also offers a style report that reviews your work for challenging or hard-to-understand terms, overused words, and clumsy sentences. It highlights these in green and suggests synonyms to improve your writing.

This makes it easier to edit your writing quickly because you’ll know right away if you make a mistake or miss something. Then, you can go back and fix it.

While GrammarlyGO is a great tool, it’s important to note that its real-time edits can be distracting. If you need to be in the zone, this could become a problem and you’ll need to disable it.

It helps you write better documents.

Writing is an essential skill for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for students at every educational level. Whether you’re writing an email, a letter, or a research paper, you need to communicate clearly and concisely.

Grammarly Unveils AI Writing Assistant Called GrammarlyGO

In addition to spelling and grammar checking, GrammarlyGO can help you write concise documents that are easy to read. It also suggests better word choice and rewrites based on your audience and intent.

This helps you craft sentences that are clear and engaging, ensuring that your message stands out from the crowd. The app splits corrections into four zones: Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery.

When you click the “Show” button, your writing assistant will start pointing out mistakes and suggesting corrections. You can also hide the assistant if you don’t want it to appear.

It helps you write better proposals.

Grammarly Unveils AI Writing Assistant Called GrammarlyGO

The newest feature in Grammarly’s product line is their AI writing assistant called GrammarlyGO. This tool will check your written work in real-time as you type, and will highlight grammatical and spelling errors that may need correction.

In addition, it will also offer suggestions for word choice and sentence structure. These tips can help you produce a more professional document that reads better.

GrammarlyGO will also catch common linguistic issues like incorrect usage of prepositions, overused words and improperly formed sentences. These errors may be difficult to spot on your own, but they aren’t hard to fix once you know how to do it.

Whether you’re writing a grant proposal for the first time or you are a seasoned writer, GrammarlyGO can be an invaluable resource. Using it to scan your grant proposal drafts before sending them out for review can help you avoid errors and make sure the text you are submitting reads well.

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