Google is now rolling out a new feature for Android devices that allows people to sync apps across their mobile phones. This works a bit like iOS’s?Sync Apps?, which has been a popular feature for years.

This enables users to install apps on their other Android devices remotely, without having to manually update them. As a result, it can be especially useful for users with multiple smartphones and Chromebooks or Wear OS devices.

Syncing Apps to Devices

Previously, Android users had to manually sync their library of apps between devices they owned. This is a time-consuming process, especially when changing from a new device.

Google is now rolling out a feature that will make it easier for users to keep a set of apps across multiple Android phones linked to the same Google account. This is similar to how iOS users can install apps on multiple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

The new option is now available in the ‘Manage Apps and Device’ section on the Play Store. This option will allow users to select which devices they want their phone apps to be automatically synced to.

This is a big win for users who have multiple devices, as it will save them from having to manually sync apps between each device they own. It’s also likely to help increase the convenience quotient of the Android ecosystem overall.

Syncing Apps to Wear OS

Google is rolling out an iOS-like?Sync Apps to Devices? feature for Android that will make it easier to keep a set of apps on a primary device and sync them across multiple devices linked to the same Google Account. The feature is now available in the Play Store on Android devices and smartwatches.

It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything on your phone or tablet, and it will save you from having to manually download the app to each of your connected devices. This is a huge time-saver for users who have more than one device with the same Google Account, and it’s definitely worth trying out!

Another great app for keeping track of notes is Google Keep. This free app syncs all your notes from your watch and phone, and it’s also a good place to keep all of your contacts.

Runkeeper is another great fitness app for Wear OS, which lets you track runs, walks, and cycles. Outdooractive is a great hiking app, and Simple Wear is a good utility app for controlling settings and opening apps from your wrist.

Syncing Apps to Chromebook

As Google looks to compete with Apple in the Android ecosystem, it is reportedly rolling out the iOS-like?Sync Apps to Devices? feature to the Google Play Store.

This new option will allow Android users to install apps on all their devices they are logged-in from a single Google account. This is expected to make it easier for users to share data across multiple devices in a convenient manner, and minimize the setup time on each device.

Syncing files between a Chromebook and another computer is easy, thanks to Autosync. However, Autosync takes a bit of time to sync the contents of your OneDrive on a regular basis, especially if you have a lot of files in storage.

Additionally, Google is bringing fast pairing support to Chromebooks later this year so that Android users can set up their laptops from connected phones and instantly access saved Wi-Fi passwords. Likewise, Fast Pair will make it easier for people to connect their Pixel Buds and other Bluetooth headphones to Chromebooks.

Syncing Apps to Google Home

When you get new smart home devices, they often come with their own set of instructions and their own app. This can be a pain when trying to stay on top of all your gadgets and control them from your phone.

One way to make life easier is by consolidating all of your devices into a single app, like the Google Home app. That makes it faster and more convenient to keep an eye on your home while also freeing up some room on your smartphone’s screen.

To do that, just tap the + button in the top left corner of the app, then select Set up device. There are two options, New device (for gizmos that Google Home can manage entirely) and Works with Google (for gadgets from third-party manufacturers).

Once you’ve selected Works with Google, the app should prompt you to assign rooms to your devices, giving you another way to control them. You’ll also be able to create nicknames for your gadgets, which will help the Assistant know what they’re talking about.

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