A new Chromecast with Google TV may be on the way, according to a report from 9to5Google. It’s reportedly being worked on and has recently appeared in the Google Home app preview update.

The Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best streaming devices around, offering a small form factor and full Google TV support at a relatively affordable price. It also offers a remote and access to more than 10,000 Android TV apps.

APK Teardown

A new APK Teardown by 9to5Google reveals that Google is currently working on a new Chromecast with Google TV. The device, codenamed Boreal, is said to be running the same software as the current version and should be available in 2022.

It appears to feature support for the AV1 format, which Google now requires from all Android TV devices launched after March 2021, an increase in storage capacity and better processing power. It may also offer a better HDR experience as well as support for 8K resolutions.

Another interesting thing about the APK teardown is that it reveals that Google may be working on adding a universal remote to the Chromecast app. This would let users control any Android TV device using their phone or tablet, provided it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth signal.

Aside from the added remote functionality, the latest version of the Chromecast app also reveals some new background images when it isn’t casting any content. These could be either news, offers or recent photos.


Chromecast has been one of the hottest streaming devices in recent years. It’s a simple, easy-to-use media player that beams content to your TV via Wi-Fi.

Google is reportedly working on a new version of its Chromecast with Google TV that looks different from previous models, and it has some interesting features. It’s slimmer and longer than the other versions, and it uses a USB-C port for power instead of a micro-USB connection like all the others.

The device also comes in two versions: Chromecast With Google TV (HD) and Chromecast With Google TV 4K. The HD is powered by an Amlogic S805X2 CPU, while the 4K version has a Cortex-A35 chip.

The new Chromecast With Google TV is a more advanced streaming stick than the previous model thanks to a new user interface running on top of Android TV. It offers personal suggestions based on your subscriptions, viewing habits, and content that you own.


The $30 Google Chromecast with Google TV isn’t exactly an expensive streaming device. But it’s a solid choice for people looking to bring smarts and video streaming to older 1080p TVs.

Google’s goal with Chromecast is to make content discovery on your big screen easier and more enjoyable than ever before. That’s why it offers a wide selection of apps, including Netflix, Hulu and Spotify.

It also supports HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. That means you can get a better picture for less money than with a dedicated 4K set-top box.

As a bonus, the device comes with an intelligent menu system that can make sense of all your options, as well as a functional remote. Plus, it’s got the latest Android TV upgrades and a Google Assistant at your fingertips.

Release Date

Google Reportedly Working on New Chromecast With Google TV

Streaming sticks have been a major trend in the last few years, and Google’s original Chromecast was one of the best-selling dongles. But it wasn’t without its shortcomings.

It was too limited in terms of video and audio quality, and it lacked a remote. But the latest Chromecast With Google TV fixes those issues and elevates it to a solid competitor against Roku and Amazon Fire’s streaming sticks.

It also comes with a voice remote and loads of Android TV apps. It can play 4K content at HDR10 or HDR10+, and it supports Dolby Vision audio.

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