Google Play Games For PC Beta Launches in India

Technology giant Google has unveiled the beta launch of their Android Google Play Games for PCs, giving gamers access to an assortment of mobile titles on Windows computers without needing an emulator – taking advantage of larger screens and improved controls while playing! The tech titan states this move allows gamers more convenience.

Google Play Games for PC also supports cross-platform functionality so gamers can continue their progress across devices. Furthermore, Google states it will work closely with developers to optimize the experience on PC as well as introduce new features based on player feedback.

Google Play Games for PC will offer Indian gamers access to a diverse collection of mobile titles designed for a larger screen with improved controls made possible through keyboards and mice, such as Ludo King and Hitwicket Games from local developers as well as globally acclaimed titles like Eversoul, Lords Mobile, Evony: The King’s Return. In addition, users will enjoy features such as keymapping to customize their gaming experience.

Google has made their service even more accessible by lowering the minimum PC requirements necessary for running its platform. These requirements now include at least 8GB RAM, an SSD with 10 GB free storage space, and an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or similar for running the software on. Furthermore, compatible phones running the latest Android version must also be present so as to connect to this PC and access its services.

Google’s announcement that they would rollout Google Play Games PC version in India marks an important moment for gamers across all devices, signaling its commitment to provide this experience and improve it based on user feedback.

Google Play Games is currently in beta and will initially be offered in English and Hindi for users in India. Google plans on gradually expanding this service across more regions over time.

Google recently unveiled multiple services geared specifically towards India. This included integrating its UPI Lite mobile payments app into Google Pay and adding support for multiple Indian languages in Bard, its generative AI chatbot. Furthermore, they integrated Google Assistant with UPI Lite app so as to facilitate voice and text queries in Hindi; this initiative aimed at providing better connectivity and ease of use while using UPI Lite app in rural areas as part of government plans to bring digital financial inclusion. Furthermore, Google partnered with India’s largest bank for customers via digital loans that were provided digital loans by that bank to meet government vision of digital financial inclusion goals; additionally they partnered with India’s largest bank to offer digital loans directly.

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