Apple Vision Pro $3499 Price Might Not Include Overhead Strap For Headset

Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset is not an inexpensive piece of technology; therefore, one would hope Apple would take extra steps to ensure users enjoy an optimal user experience out-of-the-box. Unfortunately, however, recent reports indicate otherwise.

Apple Vision Pro will be its inaugural commercial virtual and augmented reality headset when it debuts this year for $3,499. Pricing should reflect other top VR/AR headsets on the market.

At its launch this month, Vision Pro made headlines for its technology and how it could enhance everyday lives. One feature highlighted was its cinematic spatial sound feature using built-in speakers; this should recreate movie theater-quality sounds to increase user engagement and enhance overall user experience.

But there may be an issue with its design that prevents some users from being able to use it comfortably, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s report. He notes that according to some employees’ reports after WWDC unveiling, using it for several hours at a time can become very uncomfortable due to its weight. Apple expanded testing of the headset after its debut and some employees reported finding it too cumbersome and weighty.

As it remains unknown why Apple chose not to include a top strap with their Vision Pro headset in the retail box, perhaps as an add-on accessory, it is odd that they did not go out of their way to ensure all customers had an optimal experience when purchasing this device. As many previews mentioned its weight as being an issue and this device’s price tag seemed high enough that customer service may want them to ensure everyone had a great first experience using it from day one.

Since the company is still developing software for their device and may not have completed development of the strap, it isn’t altogether surprising that they don’t plan to include one in their initial offering. According to reports, their price tag should leave room for optional upgrades like Zeiss optical inserts for people wearing glasses; an add-on headset strap may become available later.

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