Respawn Entertainment and EA Sports launched Apex Legends Mobile last year, bringing the battle royale title to iOS and Android devices. The game quickly became a hit, earning $5 million in its first week and taking home numerous awards.

Today, Respawn Entertainment and EA announced that Apex Legends Mobile will shut down in May. The company said that the game’s content pipeline no longer met its standards for quality, quantity, and cadence.

In-game microtransactions will go offline

Apex Legends Mobile, the mobile version of Respawn Entertainment and EA’s battle royale game Apex Legends, is shutting down in May. The announcement comes as a surprise to many members of the Apex Legends community, who have been playing the game since its release in 2022.

Microtransactions are a common feature in video games, and they allow players to spend real-world money to buy digital content. This can include new levels, weapons, or characters.

But there are a few things to consider before buying any in-game items. First, make sure the item doesn’t affect gameplay in any way.

Secondly, check the game’s refund policy. If it doesn’t provide you with a refund, don’t purchase it.

In-game microtransactions have become a controversial issue, and some game developers are considering eliminating them altogether. Alternatively, they could replace them with downloadable content, such as new maps, story lines, or new characters.

Respawn Entertainment will shut down the game’s servers

Following a strong start, Respawn Entertainment and EA have announced that Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down in May. According to an official post, the decision is because the game’s content pipeline has fallen short of the quality, quantity, and cadence that Respawn expects.

It’s a surprising move that will shock many Apex Legends fans. The original game launched on consoles and PC back in February 2019, and it quickly became a popular Battle Royale title.

The mobile version of the game was released in May last year, and it was one of the biggest mobile titles in the world at the time. Respawn and EA had been working on the game for a few years before launching it.

EA will not offer refunds for in-game purchases

The decision to shut down Apex Legends Mobile comes as a surprise to fans of the free-to-play battle royale title. The game received positive reviews for its smooth gameplay and design.

As a result, many players are disappointed with EA’s decision to sunset the game. In its Q3 earnings call, the company explained that the decision was made as part of its effort to restructure its mobile offerings.

Specifically, the company announced that real money in-game purchases would no longer be allowed. Moreover, the game will be removed from web stores.

It also revealed that EA will not offer refunds for real-money purchases, even if the player made them in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. While that may seem like a stingy move, it’s also worth noting that EA has a relatively generous refund policy for its other games.

The game will remain available for 90 days

Apex Legends Mobile will remain available on the App Store and Google Play for at least 90 days. This will give players the opportunity to complete the game’s main storyline, as well as all of the optional content, before its closure.

The 90 day window of opportunity also gives developers the chance to test new features and improvements. This is a great way for them to get feedback before they make any major changes.

In addition to the main storyline, Apex Legends Mobile will still feature several smaller-scale game modes. These will include battle royale mode, battlegrounds, and a new matchmaking system. These changes will also have a positive impact on the overall experience for players, who can look forward to a more rewarding gaming experience.

In addition to the app’s many new features, Apex Legends Mobile will also include a number of downloadable content options for all players. These include additional weapon and vehicle packs, as well as a new season of Battle Royale mode.

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